Innovative predictive technology

Virtual screening

Our technology allows computational rapid analysis of hundreds of millions of molecules for the design of next generation crop protection products, representing a much wider chemical space. For each molecule we analyze multiple data and information layers making this virtual screen even more productive and unique



We are leveraging a target-based approach which combine deep understanding of genomics and chemistry, enabling focus on new modes of action and more efficient molecule optimization. At the same time this enables us to plan and preferred product safety attributes



We combine artificial intelligence models and agriculture tailored big data to provide early predictions of key product attributes, resulting in enriched chemical libraries with better probability to complete the product development process

AgPlenus is a subsidiary of Evogene Ltd. 

Evogene is a pioneer in the field of applied computational predictive biology developing novel products for life science markets. agPlenus leverages Evogene's capabilities, vast experience and established expertise of predictive biology.